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Originally, Newt was not expected to survive. He is now eight years old, and has not only survived, but thrived.

Newt is not being managed according to traditional recommendations; however, this approach seems to be working very well for him. We are maintaining a fully integrative medical management approach, combining elements of traditional, as well as complimentary care. Lactulose and antibiotics, in conjunction with home-cooked meals, on-demand energy work, acupuncture, acupressure and massage are the core of his maintenance.

We did feed him a prescription diet for the first several months, but ended up switching, because most of his symptoms remained, and we were concerned about the effect that meat by-products and corn would have upon a growing kitten with an already fragile digestive system. Once we began incorporating a more natural, human grade approach to his dietary choices, he began showing improvement. He is now on a home-cooked diet consisting of 1/4 protein to 3/4 pureed raw vegetables, and has remained symptom free for the longest stretch of his life so far.

Newt has been medically managed with a combination of home-cooked meals, antibiotics, Lactulose, Acupuncture, and various types of energy work.

Newt's HE symptoms have included: 


Excessive drooling




Aggressive behavior before and after meals (He bit and swallowed whole the nipple from his bottle at age five weeks, and he chewed through three watch bands and two pairs of jeans.)

Newt's care has incorporated complementary modalities, in conjunction with traditional veterinary recommendations for a fully-integrative approach:

Traditional vet approach:




Antibiotics (was Amoxycillin, now on Neomycin)


Prescription Diet - (stopped after continued, ongoing drooling / lethargy and label examination)

Complementary approaches:


Holistic Diet, including human grade prepared food, home-cooked, organic (when possible)


Chinese Herbs




Various types of energy work

For the first ten months of his life, Newt did not speak or vocalize in any way. After his first acupuncture session, following his January 2009 ER visit, he finally learned to talk.

Listen to Newt talk to his Mommy in his newly discovered kitten voice.

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